Induction, Infra Red & Accessibility


We aim to ensure that every visitor has a positive and enjoyable experience at Arlington Arts Centre. We'd welcome feedback on any access issues or topics which you may want to contact us about.


We advise wheelchair users to inform the Box Office when booking tickets for a theatre event in order to ensure all seating requirements are met. There is a passenger drop-off point immediately in front of Arlington Arts. Secure parking is also available in the main car park which has designated spaces for people with disabilities.

Arlington Arts has accessible toilets and public areas are accessible for wheelchairs, via the lift.


All Arlington Arts produced print is available in large print format on request. Please contact the box office on 01635 244 246 for your copy.


Please enquire via the box office ( for more information on the availability of captioning at our theatrical performances.

In order to enhance sound through a digital hearing aid, an infra-red Sennheiser system is in operation in our auditorium. Sennheiser necklace or headset receivers are required to use this system and are available from the box office. The hearing aid must already be pre-programmed by the supplier to work with the necklace receiver. If the digital hearing aid has been supplied by the NHS it will already have been pre-programmed, however, if it is from a private supplier, you should check with them to find out. 

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