Audiovisability: The Unheard World

Monday 15 January-Friday 09 March

'The Unheard World' by Audiovisability explores the richness of Middle Eastern and Sudanese cultures, as well as the experience of migration, deafness, identity and language from a deaf perspective.


'The Unheard World' features music for flute, strings, Syrian oud, and percussion written by British-Syrian composer, Waseem Kotoub; live painting by acclaimed artist, Rachel Gadsden; creative British Sign Language by actress, Nadia Nadarajah, and accessible captioning by musician and Deaf awareness campaigner, Eloise Garland. Also featured is a moving story told in British Sign Language by Mary Hare student, Layla Fitzgerald-Woolfe. The story is about a 6-year-old Deaf refugee from Iraq who had to flee with his family from dangerous situations. 


The exhibition features Gadsden's original live performance pieces, photography by Stephen Iliffe, and beautiful and unique textile works by Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings, whose life story is the inspiration behind one of Waseem Kotoub's compositions, Belonging. Audiovisability is lead by Ruth Montgomery who is an ex-student of Mary Hare School. The project is unique in that it brings together people from different backgrounds and artistic professions, each adding to and enhancing the performance to illustrate the auditory.


Funded by Arts Council England, Decibels Year of Sound and The Arab British Centre. 

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